Debate Debacle

The Republican Presidential candidates enraged over the questions posed during the last CNBC host debate and have threatened, either to boycott future debates or changed the format. These blowhards became unhinged when the mediators questioned their inconsistent statements, their less than stellar and sometimes unethical and immoral behavior, lying and a few with questionable financial dealings and bankruptcies. Declaring one policy before a friendly audience and a complete reversal in the press is known in political jargon as a ‘flip flop’, which is par for the course among this group.

The uprising led by Ben Carson and Donald Trump, have forced the RNC (Republic National Committee) to suspend the pending debate with NBC/Telemundo, the only Spanish language debate schedule, which evidently will hurt the Republicans.

Trump’s celebrity status as a rating magnet has been a ‘cash cow’ for the Networks. The success of the first debate hosted by Fox News, in conjunction with Facebook, was watched by 24 million viewers, making it the highest-rated primary debate in television history. To put this in prospective, the audience for the debate exceeded all of this year’s NBA Finals; the finale of the Walking Dead”; and the final episode of David Letterman “Late Show”. The second GOP debate also sets a ratings record for CNN of 20 million-plus viewers.

No doubt, Trump has turned conventional presidential campaigning on its head and has generated so much free media coverage that he has not had to buy any television ads and despite being a controversial figure, is still leading in all the polls and feels that he should dictate the questions posed by the moderators or maybe get the questions before hand.

Let’s face it, this is a weak field of 15 candidates, including Jim Gilmore who has not made the stage in any of the debates. Donald Trump and Ben Carson lead the field as outsiders while the establishment candidates like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham and Ron Paul are doing so poorly in the polls, may decide to drop out. The problem with all these candidates, there are no fresh ideas to solve the country’s problems. Their positions are generally the same: pro-life; balancing the budget; eliminating public education; protecting 2nd amendment rights; and religious intervention in social issues, yet advocating smaller government, and to blame Obama.

Trump’s theme of ‘Making America Great Again’ does not specify how he will make this altruistic goal. His tax reform plan is to simplify the tax code by reducing taxes on the wealthy will not boost consumer spending, encourage savings and investment, and maximize economic growth; this can only be done through living wages and well-paid jobs. For most US workers, real wages – after inflation is taken into in account – have been flat or even falling for decades.

Ben Carson for President 2016 website, “Heal, Inspire and Revive” is even less specific than Donald Trump, most of his policies: are little more than 2 or 3 sentences with least detail. Both Carson and Trump have a tendency for making provocative and idiotic statements, which the conservative base seem to embrace.

Being self-righteous, they really do not want to discuss these inconsistencies and rather blame the liberal media bias. They would much prefer to have a debate with opening and closing statements and soft ball questions. If they are unable to handle these media questions. How will they handle difficult international disputes with Putin, China or Iraq? Debates, in this case, are political discussions in the interest of the voting public as part of a formal exchange of opinion, apparently the conservative primary voters are satisfied with religious fanatics and xenophobes.

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