There are times when you cannot believe what you see or hear. Like observing a teenager, boy or girl, wearing their pants tuck below their buttocks, displaying their underwear to public view; not a fashion statement, I might add, but rather a faux pas and definitely not a wardrobe malfunction. This style of dressing is unsightly, unattractive and typically one would speculate about the mental stability of the person who borrowed a fashion style from prison. No one with a modicum of reasonable sensibility leaves home without looking in the mirror, or would willfully subject other people to such sartorial distaste.

Usually a visit to your local 24 hour Wal-Mart, (you may have seen on YouTube), the peculiar dressing habits of the patrons of this establishment, will confirm these spectacles. This is not to disparage the character or reputation of the good people who shop at Wal-Mart, nor do I suggest that ‘trailer trash’ and the ‘ghetto fabulous’ are the ones guilty of the lack of interest in looking respectable and decent in public, it just happens there more than other places.

As a keen observer of people’s peculiar habits, these moments of utter dismay occur when you least expect it. Many of you have cruised up to a stop sign to see a woman in the car next to you, obviously late for work putting on her makeup, teenagers texting while driving. Or a man reading a book on the steering wheel as he cruise the highway. You would not believe the antics of some people who endanger themselves and the public. These same people most often, are responsible for the back up traffic as you try to reach your destination on time and watch in amazement, the severely damaged vehicles and wonder, ‘what the hell’ happened.

Some of the really incredible moments are from television, especially prosperity televangelist, who claim to have the God-given ability to cure every disease known to man, make midgets grow, and make you wealthy, if only you will send them ‘some seed money’. ‘Behind on your credit card debt, unable to pay the mortgage, you got cancer, no problem, just sow a seed of $1,000 to the address on the screen’. It is incredible that these people would prey on and exploit the most vulnerable in our society. One renown charismatic evangelist, demanded his congregation purchased a $65 million church jet to spread the gospel, imagine landing his jet in a remote part of the world untouched by civilization.

These WTF moments happen more often than you think, and will occur more often in this new world of the LBGT and intersex people. Look out for a big surprise when your Caitlyn turns out to be a Bruce.

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