The “Senior Salute”

A New Hampshire judge sentenced former student, Owen Labrie, 20, of the élite St Paul’s School to a year in jail for raping an underage female freshman on campus two days before his graduation. Unfortunately for Mr Labrie, who was considering a career as an Episcopal priest, is practically now likely over (But he can consider a switch to the Catholic Church and forget about women); along with a full scholarship to Harvard. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life, while his partner in the crime remains anonymous.

St Paul’s School established in 1856, is a highly selective private college, co-educational preparatory boarding school in Concord, New Hampshire, affiliated with the Episcopal Church. The 2,000 acre campus serves 531 students from all over the United States and the world. Notable alumni are: John Kerry (1962), Robert Mueller (1962), J. P. Morgan (1884), Efrem Zimbalist and others well renowned.

St Paul’s is home to many long-standing traditions, one of which, is the “Senior Salute”, in which seniors proposition young classmates for sexual encounters before graduation. The events of May 30, 2014 is basically a ‘he said, she said’ proposition. Labrie insisted that their encounter was consensual, that he did not penetrate the girl, and that it stopped short of sex after putting on a condom, said he had a moment of ‘divine intervention’ and changed his mind about having sex with the girl. He is the first guy to ever waste a condom. That story is so preposterous, it is like taking your rain wear off in a down pour, and God does not interrupt any opportunity for procreation.

During the trial the victim testified that she agreed to meet Labrie as part of the annual school tradition. She said she kissed him and participated willingly in some physical contact, but resisted as he became more aggressive and that she said no, more than three times. Although, the jury did not believe he took his condom off or put one on at all, they determined the State did not prove that she did not give consent. Nobody exactly knows what happens, however, she was under the age of consent and that is against the law.

Mr Labrie must be the unluckiest man in New Hampshire. He will be a historical footnote that ended the 159 year tradition of St Paul’s “senior salute”.

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