When Free, Is Not Really Free

Lately I have been receiving a lot of unsolicited mail and tons of email in my spam box. I have never paid too much attention to this mountain of mail, however, while separating the good from the bad and after careful scrutiny to determine that I was not tossing any bills that I neglected to pay on time, the junk was gleefully discarded into the trash bin, likewise, in the case of my spam folder, I joyfully hit the empty button.

Recently I decided to peruse this junk mail I was receiving, curiosity got the best of me, you might say. Between October 14 and October 24, I received 517 pieces of spam mail, ranging from medication for sale at 87% discount or more, a Rebecca from Canada claimed she is a Pfizer dealer and has Real Viagra, and many with provoking subject matters such as:

Big booty waiting for you!

On a wave of pleasure. Get on with Viagra,

Surprise! Your Yankee Candle Samples are Ready!

Erection Stimulants really Cheap

Surgical Mesh Settlements. You may be Entitled to Legal Compensation

Impotence Tabs, discreet delivery

Erection tablets, free trials

Libido Enhancements. Please confirm your address

Stranger has requested you for a quickie (Why Me?)

These are just a few of the many free offers that I received. There were others with more vulgar content that I cannot dare to repeat in polite company. Maybe, because I am over 60 years old, the internet marketing establishment assumed I must be impotent but I do appreciate their concern about my well-being. No doubt, I will seek all the help I can get when ED raises its ugly head. It is been said that men would rather their hearts stop beating than to have a malfunction penis.

Every once in a while, the word, ‘free’ generates a desire to earn or acquire something with minimum or no effort. This project has taught me that nothing is really free, although it typically means no exchange of cash, but you have to ‘give up something for something’, quid pro quo, generally a return of a favor.

When you see the solicitation, ‘Send for Your Trial Issue Today’, or ‘Get A Free Report’, it should be regarded with plenty of skepticism. That usually means that you have to fill out your shipping information and supply a credit card to be charged for later issues, which you can cancel if you do not want any further reports, but finding that cancellation number to call among the legalese is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and you do not want to get entangle with customer service. Is it worth giving away your email and mailing address for a free sample of Bath and Bodywork’s free samples?

We have seen over past years the late night infomercials and get rich schemes have been the ruin of many a people. If it is too good to be true, it always is. Remember the Ginsu knives – a matching carving fork, personal six-in-one kitchen tool, six steak knives and a precision spiral slicer all for $9.95 with a 50 year warranty. Some customers are still trying to get a refund. Those knives could not cut through butter. What about Miss Cleo’s Psychic Friends Network? This Jamaican accented woman usually give you a free 1-800 free call to analyze your problem, and then switch you to a 1-900 number for 99c a minute, however, she could not predict that she would eventually be in the slammer.

The historical ‘freebie’ for all times goes to The Greeks’ gift of a horse to the Trojans, who for 9 years defended their city from The Greeks, until they open the gates to receive a wooden horse full of warriors and like a piñata, they busted out and defeated the Trojans. Beware of a free horse.

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