Cricket, Lovely Cricket!

West Indian cricket fans from across the Caribbean and around the globe celebrated both the – ICC Women’s World T20 and the Men’s World T20 – victories in spectacular fashion. It is a welcome resurgence for West Indian cricket in 2016, with the Under-19 team also winning the 50-over World Cup in February. It should not go unnoticed that two Barbadians were responsible for both team successes; Hayley Matthews, player of the match in the women’s contest against Australia, and Carlos Brathwaite hitting 4 sixes off four balls to help lift the trophy versus England.

What is not of high quality and not worth watching is Dwayne “DJ” Bravo’s music video “Champion”, which has gone viral and seemingly the official anthem to the glory of West Indian cricket. This 2.45 mins dance music video, if you can call it dance, with choreography similar to the movement of a sasquatch or bigfoot, would have certainly been relegated to the list of worst music videos, if not for its lack of lyrical creativity, but for the scarcity of Afro-Caribbean women rather than the women of European persuasion throughout the video.

The Caribbean people, despite a shared common ancestry, is divided along racial, cultural, language, religion and region with distinctive singular identities. Cricket and other sports seem is the only connection to an all-embracing homogeneous society. The region is always in conflict holding fast to fiercely national ideals as distinctly Jamaicans, Barbadians, Vincentians, Guyanese, etc., rather than one people.

Hopefully, revival of West Indian lovely cricket will foster good relations among the islands; what the Federation, Carifta and Caricom seem unable to do.

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