Welcome to 2016. Last year is in the rear-view mirror, just another milestone of recorded history for historians and pundits to contemplate the merits of what have been and what could have been, for posterity. Life goes on and on in chaos, despite the bright events that herald the arrival of a new year with some radiance of hope for the future.

For most, it will be the protracted dangers of the same from the previous year. There will be hardly any significant changes to the struggles, the chaos, death and destruction sweeping the world; refugees will still flee their homes in search of a war-free and peace existence; bombs will continue to fall on suspected or alleged terrorist; and dictators will rule their citizens with iron fists. Economic stagnation will still haunt the countries they rule.

The liberties, we have so long taken for granted, are now compromised and threatened, not by foreign enemies, but by homegrown domestic radicals, extremists and fanatics. Panic, anxiety, and terror. Caution and awareness have become a way of life.

Despite the advances of science and technology, the human condition of man’s inhumanity to man remains ageless, static and unchanging. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest through natural selection, suggest that those eliminated in the struggle for existence are the weak and the unfit, however, more often than not the healthy and the fit are unnaturally targeted for eradication.

With exceeding swiftness, what normally took centuries, is now accomplished within years. The representation of death now resembles a citizen with a badge; the policy to protect and serve now becomes to ‘kill on sight’, or a mentally disturbed person with a gun.

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