Twas The Night Before Xmas!

In a few hours, a jolly fat man with the name Santa Claus, St Nick or simply Santa, will be sliding down chimneys all over the world with gifts for the good children and coal for naughty kids. I have never met the man and would never in my life meet a fat white man in my neighborhood at midnight, even laden with gifts. One reason, there was no chimney and secondly my friends and I would never make any list of well-behaved kids, not for an hour or an entire year.

Santa must have had some friends in high places, after all climbing into houses instead of coming through the front door is rather dangerous, and legally a felony – home invasion, and being served with cookies and milk for doing so, is quite amazing. Here is a glass of milk and a plate of cookies, thanks for dropping in.

The mythical figure of Santa Claus has its origins in Dutch, Belgian, German and English folklore, just like many of the absurd traditions The Europeans brought to the New World. The purpose, I believe, was to offer the poor and disadvantage children with a day of happiness and relief from their humble and unfortunate condition with good cheer and toys.

Now in the 21st Century, Xmas and Santa Claus has become a symbol of commercialism. Parents colluded to convince their kids of the existence of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, and certainly will undermined a child’s ability to critically weight real-world evidence against imaginary figures. At an early age, I know that Santa Claus was existing somebody’s imagination, therefore my parents did not have to lie to me.

Now if only we can abandon other fairy tales imposed on by our Europeans deceivers.

Merry Xmas and to All a Good Night!

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