The Presidency

The political contest for President of the United States continues intensely; the debates for the year are over, and during next year’s primaries and caucuses, each candidate will accumulate as many delegates for consideration as the official nominee for – the Democratic Party and the Republican Party – at their respective national conventions.

After watching the debate of the Republican Party, it occurs to me that there should a ‘litmus test’ for persons seeking the high office of Presidency. The current list of the 14 Republican candidates, aka as ‘the clown car’, seem to have limited knowledge of the Constitution of the U.S. and the philosophy of the system of government. If these tremendously successful men in their respective field are not aware of the three equal branches of the U.S. government, then how will they support the empty promises they decree on the campaign trail when in the White House. The United States is neither a dictatorship (a ruler of the people, based upon military or political power); a theocracy (government led by religious belief or culture); or an oligarchy, a power structure in which power effectively rest with a few people; but a Representative democracy, a political class of elected representatives trusted to carry out the duties of the electors, unfortunately, these officials may be responsible to any group in society, or none, once elected.

Jeb Bush has accused Trump of a ‘lack of seriousness’ as a Presidential candidate, but this statement can apply to most of the candidates on the Republican side of the aisle. The lies and misinformation committed by Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee are shocking and beyond belief. When Chris Christie suggests that as President he would shoot down any Russians that violate a proposed a no-fly zone, or Ted Cruz wanted to carpet bombed the city of Raqqa. These acts would be considered war crimes according to the Geneva Convention, including but not limited to: intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, wantonly destroying property, rape, using child soldiers and holding hostages.

As I stated in an earlier blog, Trump is using Hitler’s playbook of the 1930’s. His policies and statements are more suited to a dictatorship than to a democracy. Denying a groups’ entry to the United States on religious grounds is unconstitutional, or infringing on the rights of citizens by denying access to the internet, or group punishment to the relatives of those accused of a crime. Israel commits this act on Palestinians without condemnation from the United Nations or the US government. Trump’s pompous boasting has recently been saluted by no other than the dictator himself – Putin.

The President must be an individual with impeccable character, high integrity, impartiality and to represent all citizens. Bluster, bullying and bizarre rhetoric are not the qualities of good leadership.

President Barack Obama, a constitutional lawyer, has been the epitome of a true leader, maintaining a true sense of dignity facing insurmountable hurdles and incredible obstacles for most of his Presidency. Yet he has had great achievements considering the opposition’s pledge to stymie his accomplishments.

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