What A Summer!

Summer is over and the chilly winds of Fall will bring cooler temperatures, and many of you will welcome the relief from such a wild hot summer; retiring your swimsuits, cottons and linens for sweaters, scarves, hats, flannels and boots. This is my favorite time of the year, the balmy winds and the colorful leaves of autumn gives a colorful hue to the landscape. A time to enjoy hot soups, hot chocolates and New England chowder and a warm fireplace with a loved one. Also, in my case, getting that important flu shot to protect my immune system from the dreaded flu which shows up every year uninvited.

It’s been an unforgettable summer, with stories that even Shakespeare, the great dramatist could not make up. The escape of two prisoners from the upstate New York facility with the help of a lonely wife who suffer some inattentiveness from her husband, imagine a life on the run with a couple of handsome men, until she came to her senses, and now faces a sentence of seven years with one of the men she helped to escape.

Bruce Jenner turned into Caitlynn before our very eyes; the Jello Man admitted he bought Quaaludes but not for the purpose intended; the incredible story of Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, almost succeeded in living life as a Black woman, until she was outed by her parents. It is usually Blacks passing as Whites to avoid discrimination and being marginalized in this society. The massacre of 9 Black church members by a White man while attending Bible study; a Triple Crown Winner with the odd name of American Pharaoh, finally end a drought of 37 years; the ‘little pink pill’ was approved by FDA to bring hope to women who have lost their mojo, hopefully will bring a lot of men back in the saddle; and the final lowering of the Confederate Flag forever.

It was also the summer of Trump. The Donald continues to lead the Polls as he insults and ridicules his fellow candidates, women and minorities all across America to the consternation of the Press, the political pundits, and the money donors, which says a lot about the US political system or the voting public that adore these rogue characters. Sarah Palin former darling of John McCain and the right wing, can still generated a sizeable audience, whenever she comes down to the lower 48 with her mindboggling rhetoric and incoherent speeches. Donald has shaken up the Republic establishment with the policies which the Party espouses, but should not be aired in public. The herd is thinning on the Republican side for the Presidency as Rick ‘Oops’ Perry and Scott Walker jumped off the clown car.

As the Presidential race heats up, and the Speaker-ship of Congress up for grabs (John Boehner happy to jump ship as a frustrated leader), look out for Kevin McCarthy as the possible successor to Boehner will keep the comedians employed for sometime.

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