Tale of Pinky The Cat

Maybe, you have seen the YouTube video of Pinky the cat. If you have not seen it, make an effort to catch the 1.09 mins of this classic video, which is really all about false advertising.

The Animal Control Officer is going through his spiel with Pinky in his embrace and giving high praises to this feline whirling dervish of energy, literally extolling the virtues of this domestic short hair ‘pet of the week’, trying to make the photo shoot as comfortable as can be, but Pinky is not up for this publicity stunt and having none of it.

First, you notice that Pinky is on a leash. Cats do not wear leashes. Cats are independent, moody, and uncontrollable, not a like a dog that would not object being lassoed, and be extremely happy about it. Pinky is definitely not a household pet and the shelter hoped for some unsuspecting, good-nature animal lover to take this beast off their hands.

Pinky is in a foul mood, I can tell because this male feline does not want to be called Pinky, I would be pissed as hell too. Pinky is not an admirable name for a really cool cat.

Pinky is now loose and desperately trying to escape. A woman stagehand realized the calamity of the moment and rendered some assistance to corral this handful of brown dynamism, by attempting to gather Pinky with a cat box, but she is no match for Pinky. Pinky snarled, grimaced and growled with great ferocity. ‘Pinky! Pinky! Pinky stop it, Settle down, Bud’, plead the officer in an attempt to relax Pinky, but Pinky is ‘fit to be tied’ – angry and agitated, and a little camera-shy.

Pinky finally circled and climbed up the officer’s right leg and snipped him on his privates, he cried out in extreme agony and bent over in excruciating pain, his manhood maimed, his pride wounded and exhausted from this cat fight. Pinky, the eight pound unenthusiastic reality TV star, has won his independence, and will probably be release back into the wild. Free at last! Free at last!

The lessons learned from this episode is perfectly clear – know your pussy. Mr. Animal Control Officer obviously did not spend any quality time getting to know Pinky, but for what reason would anyone name a male cat Pinky.

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