Abortion – A Legal Right!

Yet another ‘shaking my head’ moment watching Donald Trump twist and turn in the media wind with Chris Matthews of MSNBC, unable to determine the correct punishment for women who have abortions. Trump has been a pro-choice liberal democrat all his political life, but in an effort to run as a Republican, he became a (RHINO), a ‘republican in name only’ to exploit the anguish of the Republican electorate, the problem is, he has not mastered the subtle differences of the Republican agenda of saying one thing and meaning another. The Republican establishment were quick to denounce the Donald for his erratic remarks, but their policies restricting the availability of abortions in the United States, place undue burdens on the poor and the most vulnerable, are tantamount to punishing women for their legal right to have an abortion.

History of Legal Abortion

The landmark U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe V. Wade decision provided Federal Law protection to a woman’s right to choose an abortion. The ruling was arrived at on the premise of the 9th Amendment of the Constitution, ‘The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people’, and the 14th Amendment,……’No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’ Before 1973, States were allowed to decide whether abortion would be legal within their borders.’

Norma McCorvey, was an unmarried pregnant Texas woman who was denied an abortion, filed a federal law suit under the pseudonym “Jane Roe”, arguing that the Texas law violated her constitutional right to privacy. The Supreme Court, in 7-2 vote, agreed with Roe, but the Court held that states do have an interest in ensuring the safety and well-being of pregnant women, as well as the potential of human life. The Court defined the rights of each party by dividing a pregnancy into three 12-week trimesters:
• During a pregnant woman’s first trimester, the Court held, a state cannot regulate abortion beyond requiring that the procedure be performed by a licensed doctor in medically safe conditions
• During the second trimester, the Court held, a state may regulate abortion if the regulations are reasonably related to the health of the pregnant woman
• During the third trimester of pregnancy, the state’s interest in protecting human life outweighs the woman’s right to privacy, and the state may prohibit abortions unless abortion to save the life or health of the mother.
The court further held that a fetus is not a person protected by the constitution. Since 1973, however, the abortion debate has become more contentious among the conservative religious right, who contends that life begins at inception, and is a victimization of the unborn, and that is time for the law to be changed.

The Moral Issue

Is it fair for a woman to be denied an abortion who is a victim of rape and incest? Or women who are carrying fetuses with fatal abnormalities? A pregnant woman and her child are bound during the nine-month maturation period until the fetus leaves the womb. When does the State have a right to intervene in the woman’s right to terminated a pregnancy? Denying a woman an abortion makes a woman bear all the hardship and blame for an unwanted pregnancy. Even though, the father shares the same responsibilities. Hard questions, even more difficult answers.

Poverty and Unwanted Pregnancies

The conservative war on women waged by pro-life advocates, fight to protect the unborn fetus, but lacking any support for the child after birth. Family planning clinics have become under attack in states across the country, slashing their family planning budgets and trying desperately to defund Planned Parenthood – while simultaneously cutting off low-income women’s abortion access by driving up the cost of the procedure and preventing public insurance programs from paying for it. It is also a matter of lacking access to or information about effective birth control. Most recent data suggested that the unintended pregnancy rate for women living below the poverty level is more than five times as high than the rate for women in the highest income level. Higher rates of unintended pregnancies also correlate with lower levels of education.

Rich white conservative women will always be guaranteed legal abortion. The poor and the disadvantage will be denied.

‘Bad’ Friday

There is nothing ‘good’ about Good Friday. A day, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ is by any measure, a horrific day; and being betrayed by one of your gang members with a kiss, makes it worthy of severe condemnation. For the Christian community, it is a day of intense sorrow and grieve, which is hardly conducive to joy and merriment. “Holy Friday’, “Grieving Friday”, or ‘Mourning Friday’ seem more appropriate, to literally drown in one’s unhappiness at the loss of a loved one. Now, Easter is a jubilant day, the resurrection, and rebirth is worthy of a celebration – a day to rejoice and say, “Good Easter”.

Today is really a bad Friday for the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump campaigns, in some misguided attempt to crucify each other through their respective wives on Twitter. The feud started with the Cruz’s Super PAC, ‘Make America Awesome Again’ circulating a very tasteful, I might add, 2000 GQ semi-nude picture of Melania Trump in the Mormon stronghold of Utah, where Tuesday’s primary was held with the caption, ‘Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady, or You could vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday’, of course, the Donald is not going to let the attack go unanswered and threatened to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz, whatever information he has on Ted’s wife has put him on the defensive. A case of people in glass houses, should not throw stones.

Worse yet for the Cruz camp, the famous National Enquirer published a story of Ted’s multiple affairs. If you think the Enquirer is just a gossip rag, ask Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Eliot Spitzer, and Bill Cosby about its credibility. You can be certain that the tabloid source has its ‘ducks in a row’, and there is some grain of truth in their assertions.

Of the five mistresses, three have been identified as Katrina Pierson; Sarah Isgur Flores, and Amanda Carpenter. Interestingly, Katrina Pierson can be seen on TV as spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, also worked for Ted Cruz; Sara Flores was campaign manager for Carly Fiorina, and Amanda Carpenter, a CNN contributor was a former speech-writer and campaign worker for Ted Cruz.

Apparently, these shenanigans have been common knowledge on the DC circuit since last February. The stories were put on hold not to embarrass the holy roller and devout Christian. Furthermore, a Texas police report from 2005 claims that Heidi Cruz was a ‘danger to herself’ when officers found her sitting near Austin Expressway, suggesting that Ted is not the anointed one that he claimed to be.

The path to the White House has become a little easier for the Democratic nominee. If history is to repeat itself, the Democrats have always save the country from economic ruin. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, served as President from 1933 to 1945. He assumed the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, and helped the American people regained faith in themselves. Roosevelt’s New Deal program of social reform: Social Security; heavier taxes on the wealthy; new controls over Banks and public utilities; and an enormous work relief program for the unemployed, brought America back to prosperity.

Remember President Clinton, taking over a stagnant economy 1992 and creating a surplus when he left office, only to be squandered by George W Bush by initiating the ill-fated tax-cuts for the rich, of which the country has never recovered. President Obama inherited an economy comparable to the Great Depression, which his policies singlehandedly saved the car manufacturing industry, provide healthcare for many Americans, remove the troops from Iraq, climate change legislation, nuclear agreement with Iran, and renew diplomatic ties to Cuba.

A Democratic Administration will certainly provide us with many good days.

An Unholy Alliance

Today, I witnessed another Donald J Trump infomercial as Ben Carson throws his support behind him for the Presidency. Well, ‘politics make strange bedfellows’; what possibly could bring these two unlikely characters together – a devout Christian, and a racist demagogue – is equal to a Catholic priest and child molester teaming up to a build an orphanage for young boys.

Mr. Carson, a savior of souls and Mr. Trump are now both committed to ‘Saving America’, and ‘Making America White Again’, neither have the gravitas, temperament, attitude, or an understanding of world politic to become President. Moreover, Mr. Carson demonization of President Obama, has not won him any favors with the Black electorate for his condescending rhetoric which would serve him well in the Trump camp. Ben has lost his credibility with the evangelical following – to endorse the same man who referred to him as a pathological liar; the same as a pedophile – who now perceives him as just as an opportunist and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Carson claimed to have prayed about this decision to join Trump’s campaign and it was sanctioned by a higher power. Now, that is certainly misleading. I would not call it a lie, since it is unverifiable. Carson has obviously sacrifice his sacred principles for a gig on the Trump ticket to stay relevant in politics, after his inept campaign for the Presidency. Trump mentioned Carson in the press conference as a possible policy expert on education and healthcare. A man who deemed Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act as modern-day slavery, and is an ardent proponent of charter schools, home schooling and elimination public schools. Not really a candidate with interest in providing education and healthcare to everyone in our society.

Apparently, some members of the Republican Party are coalescing behind Trump – if you cannot beat him join him – but the establishment is adamant to stop him at all cost, whatever it takes. Trump has successfully exposed the hypocrisy of the party. The Republicans have perfected the art of ‘dog whistling’, a strategy of communication that sends a message that the general population will take a certain meaning from, but a certain group that is ‘in the know’ will take away the secret, intended message, often involves code words. For example, Republicans say ‘school choice’ which is really an effort to cut back on public schools; when Romney states 47% of the electorate are takers, which really means Black people do not want to work and depends on the Government for handouts; and my favorite, ‘tax cuts’, which means the less money paid to Government, the less services to be provided and the rich get richer.

The stalwarts of the Republican party have a history of the rhetoric that Donald Trump advocates on immigration; Mexicans, Blacks and women. Maybe, he did not get memo, or miss the meeting on confusing the public.

I predicted the fall of Trump back in the summer of 2015, but to my surprise, he is still going strong with more and more people flocking to his rallies; like onlookers to a terrible accident. The Trump’s show is full of exaggerated emotional behavior done for show or to get a reaction, ignoring the dignity or good taste of a Presidential candidate; this offensive display must come to an end. I cannot believe this is what the people want. But the crowd also wanted Barabbas.